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Grand Fundraising Event

Nyamila Community Centre - Siaya

16 August, 2014 at 11:00 A.M 

Grand Trip to Kenya

Many of you have discussed for a long time if it is possible to organize a group trip to visit the orphaned children that we all support at Nyamila Community Center in Kenya. We have finally come up with a proposed date of 16th August, 2014. This happens to be the most appropriate date for both the children in Kenya and for the supporters all over the world. It happens to fall within the holidays in Kenya and in many other countries, including USA. This will be a great opportunity to see in person what your individual and collective efforts have accomplished at Nyamila. It will also provide the chance to meet the children and get to know them.


Those who have travelled to Kenya will tell you about the excellent weather, great foods, the breathtaking safaris and the hospitality of the Kenyan people. This is a chance of a lifetime to travel to Kenya with us and see for yourselves. See what Mr. Fred Finn, the world's most traveled man, had to say about Kenya:

The idea is to have a grand get-together with the children, and local and international supporters. We also plan to include several other recreational itineraries:

  1. Visit to Mama Sarah Obama (Barack's grandmother), whose home is 15 minutes away from Nyamila Community Center. Mama Sarah is a great supporter of our children and has hosted them on several occasions at her home.

  2.  Kenya Safaris:

  • Nairobi, Amboseli and Tsavo National parks

  • Mombasa, Diani Watamu, & Malindi Beaches and Marine Parks

  • Kisumu, Lake Nakuru Flamingos & Maasai Mara Game reserves

The plan is to approach Airlines for discount group tickets and also to arrange for group safaris. Just remember that the most expensive item is air transport which ranges from $1,200 to $2,500 return, depending on early booking. Local accommodation in Siaya and Kisumu is very affordable, and in addition, we will provide accommodation at our modest home for the first four couples to sign up.

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