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Nyamila Community Center

Putting A smile on the Children, Youth, and Caregivers’ faces

Clothes Distribution at Nyamila Community Center – August 13, 2014

Hundreds of young girls and boys, mothers and fathers gathered at Isaka Achoki’s home to receive clothes donated by friends from New Rochelle, NY and Oxnard, California, USA.


For many of us- when we wake up in the morning to  go to work or to the mall, we stand in front of our closets wondering what to wear for the day and even consider the weather and whether the dress or shirt is appropriate.  Many even have to start planning the night or a week before because they cannot make the choice easily. For many others like the large crowd scrambling  in  the pictures below, the only clothes on their backs is the one they are wearing and many have to wash the same dress, wait for it to dry in the sun and put it on again-too bad if the day is cloudy. For many of our children at Nyamila community centre-the school uniform is the best dress for outings or occasions.


August 13th was a very special day for many who received clothes donated by friends from the USA. Every year, Isaka Foundation collects clothes from friends and relatives for the children and Care givers at Nyamila location. The wait is always anticipated by the young boys and girls who get to wear designer jeans and snickers and other clothes brought from the USA. View pictures here and on our face book page:


We are grateful to Karen Ashley in New York, Candice and Bill in LA, California, and Gerry in Chicago, Illinois, for their efforts to donate, collect and ship all the clothes that were distributed at Nyamila on 13th August 2014. We urge all our supporters to continue to donate or collect clothes for  our orphaned children. Contact Karen in New Rochelle NY, and Candice Achoki in Los Angeles.


Please visit our site at  and see how you can help the children and care givers at Nyamila Community Centre.



Updated Pictures of NCC from the August 2014 Visit

Grand Fundraising Event

Nyamila Community Centre - Siaya

16 August, 2014 at 11:00 A.M 

Introduction to the Nyamila Community Centre

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